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Preservation & royal perfume

Use of an extract of the ancient perfume frankincense — the hardened resin from trees of the Boswellia genus — Muscat: The Ministry of Heritage and...

1st Omani food supplement

In a landmark achievement, the food variant of Omani frankincense has bagged the approval of the Swiss Drug Authority (SDA). Named FrankOman, this...

2,600 frankincense tree saplings

2,600 frankincense tree saplings have been planted in Dhofar by the Environment Society of Oman as part of efforts to conserve the precious tree, a...

The history of frankincense of Oman

Aftab H. Kola invites us to the land of incense to shed light on the fragrant cultural history of traditional Omani incense burners. For centuries...
Incense burner from the Sultanate of Oman

The land of Frankincense

Oman natural frankincense

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