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The land of Frankincense

of the sultanate of oman

The land of Frankincense

of the sultanate of oman

From my branches flows the fluid to which millions of hearts beat on hearing its name.
Omani proverb

natural resin

Since 6000 years of history

Since its discovery, the frankincense is related to the human need to have a formal link with their gods. It is incredible to imagine that a long time ago, it was one of the most valuable products of the ancient world.

It has been used since antiquity 1 to awaken a higher consciousness, strengthen spirituality, meditation, prayer. It is also sought after for its therapeutic virtues.

best in the world

An exceptional aroma

In the extreme south of the Sultanate of Oman, Boswellia sacra secrete the best of resin whose trade dates back to the dawn of time. Many experts agree that the best incense is produced by species originating from the Sultanate of Oman 1a.

Its medicinal properties and aroma, used by the world’s greatest perfumers, make it a rare and symbolic substance of importance.

What is Incense?

With the evolution of language,

This term is now imprecise. It refers to any composition that can be burned to perfume a religious place or house, clothing or body parts. This language refers to a variety of products :

  • Resins of vegetable origin (frankincense, olibanum, myrrh, etc.),

  • Fragrant wood (agalloche, sandalwood, etc.), spices...

Despite the many interpretations,

concerning the origin of this term, the etymology most commonly recognized is that of « incendere », a Latin term meaning « to burn » or « to consume ».

Apart from this denomination, we find the word frankincense, English word derived from the old French (high quality substance) (« franc », « real incense »). When the detailing ingredients in the pyramid construction of both early and modern perfumes, the word incense designates Frankincnese, (as a long-lasting base note).

To summarize, this word generally means a single element or a mixture of natural or non-organic fragrant substances whereas frankincense or Oliban, from Arabic « al-lubán » (« milk » refers to the resin of the tree) means the real and natural incense which is an aromatic resin derived from trees of the Burseraceae family.

The oriental scents

Assortment of traditional blends of frankincense resin (Oliban) and natural scents and fragrant scents..

Assortment of traditional mixtures of real frankincense resin (Frankincense) and natural aromas and fragrant scent wood. (Traditional Muscat Festival))


Différentes espèces de Myrrhe
Different species of Boswellia sacra

Burseraceae are a family of trees or shrubs (645 species) characterized by flaking aromatic bark and by resin present in plant tissues. The resin of many species of this family is used as Frankincense (natural).
There are two important varieties in the family Burseraceae : Boswellia (its resin is called Frankincense) and Commiphora (its resin is myrrh)

Résine naturelle d' Oman

Geographic distribution

The family Burseraceae grows in tropical regions of all continents, but the variety of Boswellia is limited to Africa and Asia.
Les arbres à encens dans le monde
Categories of natural incense resins

The frankincense trade

Souk of mascate natural incense
In the souks of Salalah and Muscat, the stalls of incense and perfumes mix together. The frankincense is packaged in packs of 500g or 1kg.
Before being sold, the fresh resin is dried for a short time and then sorted according to the grain size. The frankincense that is sold in general in the souk is not pure Hojari. it is often a mixture of Hojari.
Sack  of natural ice resin in the sook of Salalah
The grain resin is sold by bag and by weight. Price varies depending on the size, color and quantity of production. There is no « waste » unsold, even the « dust » of frankincense is sold at very low prices.

The land of Frankincense

Oman natural frankincense

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