How to burn frankincense?

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When natural incense is burned, its odor depends on the degree of temperature used.

Incense burners intended for the combustion of natural resin with charcoal, may be functional objects, and have an aesthetic or symbolic aspect .

A ceramic or metal support should be preferred.

Two ways to enjoy the smell of Frankincense.

Method 1 :

With charcoal
Classic incense burner
Ceramic or metal

Generally we use charcoal, lit with a lighter or a match, on an incense burner provided for this purpose. After a few minutes of combustion, the resin grains are deposited on the almost incandescent charcoal. This method gives off smoke.

The smell that emanates is related to the immediate combustion. In order to perceive a different smell from the resin, I suggest letting the smoke dissipate for 3/4 of an hour - 1 hour. The smoke will give way to a "sweet" smell. Burning the resin several times in the same place will accentuate the fragrance.

Method 2 :

With a candle
Adjustable incense burner

This use restricts the production of smoke. In the first method the temperature is high. In this case we will use a candle with an adjustable incense burner which avoids burning the resin too quickly.

SIf your candle is new its flame will be more intense, the resin will have to be more distant. Otherwise, the grains should be closer to the flame. The resin should "boil". The aroma will be more subtle with a woody and pine smell ... At the beginning it is not easy to find the right setting, because the intensity of the candle decreases over time.
Electric incense burner

For easier use you can use this type of product.

Advantage: absence of flame, adjustable temperature and automatic combustion stop.

The porcelain may be more or less hot depending on the temperature setting.

Soon I will present you a "new generation" incense burner dedicated solely to a mixture of perfumes :
(Oud, perfumed oil and other scent woods)

Medicinal use

To the Sultanate of Oman
  • As chewing gum :
    The resin grain is chewed to relieve indigestion and refresh the mouth, like a chewing gum until the taste of the resin is gone. 30
  • To be diluted in water :

    Dissolution of a few grains of "Al Hojari" resin in a water bottle, for about 24 hours. The water is then consumed to improve digestive comfort. In traditional Arab medicine, this water is also used against memory failures.

In a previous chapter, I mentioned that there were several qualities of incense. Only the quality "Hojari" or that which the Omanis call "Number one" is not burnt.

As I said, it's best to use it for its medicinal properties. If you need information on the sale or the use of the resin of incense of Oman do not hesitate to use the form of en/contact.

Frankincense of Oman

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