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Boswellia : anti inflammatory

A Luxembourg laboratory just put on the market a pharmaceutical anti-inflammatory-based frankincense.

BOSWELLIA SERRATA is an Indian tree whose resin is traditionally used for its anti-inflammatory properties. The selected boswellia extract is a plug of beta-boswellic acids (the only active ones) and in particular AKBA (Acetyl-11-Keto-beta-Boswellic Acids). AKBA is 2 times more active than other beta-boswellic acids.

First International Conference on Frankincense and Medicinal Plants :

Recent Advances in Research and Industry

This inaugural conference aims to promote an exchange of knowledge and information about medicinal plants and frankincense to establish linkages between producers and consumers of natural products worldwide. It also offers an opportunity to introduce delegates to new developments and breakthroughs in many disciplines related to these areas. The conference further aims to contribute to in - creased production, underline the industrial and environmental value of Omani’s natural products, and highlight recent medical and scientific discoveries.

Conférence dur l'encens à Oman

The Institute of Chemistry of Nice pierces the secret of the smell of incense

The research team led by Nicolas Baldovini at the Institute of Chemistry of Nice (UNS, CNRS) France has just discovered the components of incense.

This discovery will allow us to reconstitute in a synthetic way this characteristic smell which dates from more than 6000 years, without having recourse to the natural resources and to be able to use it in perfumes.

Frankincense of Oman

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