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The experience of several millennia of use is confirmed by modern scientific research and used by doctors. It is not only about religious rites or use for spiritual purposes. The ability of a substance to treat has been experimentally proven :

As an antiseptic, it is used to treat inflammation, wound healing, diseases of the respiratory tract, stomach.
The action of essential oils helps fight depression, headaches, allergies, anxiety, refreshes memory, stimulates the brain.
It can act as a powerful immunomodulator that helps the body activate internal resources.
Healing finds an application in cosmetology in the treatment of acne, skin regeneration after inflammation, rejuvenation.

Principle and application

The beneficial properties of incense are due to its chemical composition. Based on this resin, various drugs are prepared for treatment, rejuvenation and health promotion :

Essential oils fight diseases of the respiratory tract, asthma, facilitate breathing, have a beneficial effect on the nervous system, so it is good to use them for inhalation, fumigate the room, add to the water in the bath.
Resinous substances help wound healing, skin regeneration. Anti-inflammatories, including a healing substance, are used in the treatment of diseases of the stomach, certain types of tumors.

Resin composition.

The composition of incense is complex, including volatile aromatic substances. The base (56%) is a resin of free boswellic acid and its associated olibanoresen. The second element (about 30%) is gum. About 8% of the composition is occupied by a mixture of essential oils (terpenes, cymene, phellandrene and others).

The substance is partially soluble in water, forming an opaque emulsion. When heated, it softens, but does not melt, further heating leads to ignition with the release of flavoring smoke with a sweetish balsamic odor. As part of the smoke, modern researchers have isolated the component incensol acetate, which is responsible for a psychoactive effect that can lead to a state of euphoria.

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