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Myths and benefits of frankincense

Without a peck of doubt, Dhofar is a place where nature has rolled out its bounties splendidly and abundantly to benefit from. Frankincense, being one of those bounties gets this region attributed as “The Land of Frankincense”....

One who lives in Dhofar or even visits cannot keep himself aloof from the tremendous health benefits frankincense has to offer.

Frankincense,is a resin or milky white sap derived from the frankincense or Boswellia trees smelling like pine, woody, or lemon scents. After the sap has dried for a few days, it is scrapped to be processed into frankincense oil.

Various studies conducted so far indicate the role of frankincense in maintaining gut health by reducing inflammation.

Likewise, because of its anti-inflammatory properties, it also helps to alleviate symptoms of arthritis as it contains a potent anti-inflammatory compound (Boswellic acid).

Frankincense also has a role to play in certain respiratory conditions such as asthma and bronchitis. As per the study published in the European review for medical and pharmacological sciences, “people who took a daily supplement of 500 mg Boswellia extract in addition to their standard asthma treatment were able to take fewer inhalations of their regular medications during the 4-week study.”

Frankincense besides, enhances oral health due to the presence of constituents that has anti-bacterial properties.

Moreover, there are various types of research going on worldwide that shed light on the anti-cancerous properties of frankincense.

In addition, frankincense oil too is loaded with numerous advantages and is used widely cosmetically and topically. Because of its therapeutic properties, frankincense oil help in speedy wound healing, relieving itchiness, redness, and swelling.

Are there any myths related to frankincense?
The list is quite long when it comes to the pluses of frankincense. However, not all claims are true and the absence of proper scientific backing turns these claims into myths. no concrete piece of evidence suggests that frankincense help prevent diabetes or heart disease.

Likewise, reducing stress, anxiety, and depression levels have shown to decrease in mice but more evidence is needed to showcase this in humans. In enhancing fertility, regulating hormones, or relieving PMS (Premenstrual Syndrome) symptoms, the studies are limited and cannot be solely relied upon.

How to use it?
It can be ingested as a supplement, inhaled as an essential oil in aromatherapy, or can be applied on the skin in the form of creams or lotions.

Oils should not be directly inhaled or ingested but diluted with carrier oils like coconut oil etc. Generally, it is safer to use. However, in pregnancy or under some drug therapy it is better to consult a health professional.

Irrevocably, no household in Dhofar has ever been exclusive of frankincense that has been burned profusely as a natural disinfectant and deodoriser.

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