Frankincense research in France (Omani scientists)

From its reverence during ancient times, to its emergence as an essential perfumery, to becoming a potentially life-saving element in modern organic medical science, the Boswellia sacra, or Frankincense is an example of Omani flora that has the potential for significant economic diversification opportunities according to French scientist, Dr Nicolas Baldovini.

Holding a special place in Oman’s culture and traditions, its resin has significant potential for medicinal development, and to this end, the Natural and Medical Sciences Research Center (NMSRC) of the University of Nizwa, in collaboration with the French Embassy in Oman, organised an internship for three young Omani researchers at the University Cote d’Azur, in Nice, in the South of France.

As a result, Mohammed al Baroumi, Mohammed al Jassasi and Suleiman al Shidhani have interned in a prestigious throughout October. Mr Franck Vermeulen, the cultural attaché of the French Embassy, underlining the continued importance of developing and strengthening scientific research collaboration between the two nations and cultures, saying: “The French Embassy in Oman is very proud to support collaboration between these two prestigious universities and their researchers.”

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Frankincense of Oman

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