Oman's Frankincense

Harvest jebel akhdar roses in oman

20 June 2022
At dawn, after the first morning prayer, the residents join the rose gardens. The harvest, which begins in spring, at the end of March, beginning o...

1st Omani food supplement

07 May 2021
In a landmark achievement, the food variant of Omani frankincense has bagged the approval of the Swiss Drug Authority (SDA). Named FrankOman, this...

Boswellia : Food supplement

30 March 2020
Europe : France. Particularly recommended for inflammatory attacks, the use of Boswellia can be extended to all inflammatory phenomena. A French p...

Protective Effect of Boswellic Resin

03 February 2020
Nowadays, because of the industrialization, a lot of contaminant were available ; the consequences of this availability are apparition of diseases ...

The secret of the smell of frankincense

17 October 2018
The research team led by Nicolas Baldovini at the Institute of Chemistry of Nice (UNS, CNRS) France has just discovered the components of incense. ...
Incense burner from the Sultanate of Oman

The land of Frankincense

Oman natural frankincense

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